Producing a building that becomes famous and a world-class structure is not easy. Often, it requires a great deal of skill and a lot of time. Some of the best architects have designed a number of structures that are admired throughout the world. These structures include banks, cathedrals, churches, and skyscrapers. There are even private houses that have been designed by famous architects.

most famous architects

One of the most renowned architects is Frank Lloyd Wright. He grew up in an unstable household and had a great aptitude for construction at a young age. His father was a gifted musician, and his mother was intent on developing her son’s skills. Ultimately, he became an architect and began his career in Peter Behrens’ studio. In later years, he designed the US Capitol Building, which was based on neoclassical architectural style.

Another well-known architect is Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. He was born in Prussia and emigrated to the United States to escape the turmoil in his home country. Over the course of his career, he designed some of the most iconic buildings in the world. Most of his designs were a minimalist, free-flowing style. He was considered to be a part of a group of modernist architects, and his works are now considered some of the greatest in the world.

While it is true that there are some amazing architects in history, it is also true that there are many lesser-known and lesser-seen ones. It is possible that the world might have never known about these architects if they hadn’t come out in the 19th century.

The first American architect to study in Paris was Richard Morris Hunt. He was also the first American student to receive a degree in architecture. Later on, he would become the leader of the picturesque mode in American architecture.

Another American architect is John Nash. When he was a teenager, he was drawn to architecture, and started out as a professional architect. At the age of 25, he was declared bankrupt. Despite his financial difficulties, he continued to work on church renovations in Wales, and eventually moved back to London. However, he was always in demand, and he was able to build a successful business in the United Kingdom.

One of the most famous Spanish architects in history is Antoni Gaudi. He was a religious man who crafted dozens of worship centers and other buildings in Spain. Many of his works, including the La Sagrada Familia, are still recognizable in the world today.

Although not as widely-known as some of the other architects on this list, Zaha Hadid was a gifted and talented architect. Her designs were characterized by a unique, yet recognizable style. As one of the first female architects to win the Pritzker Prize, she helped usher in a new era of architecture. She worked throughout the world, but ultimately settled in the United States. Eventually, her works were seen in all fifty states, and her work is still recognized as a world-class design.