What is a Scissor Lift Platform?

A scissor lift platforms have many different names including;

  • Scissor lift
  • Mobile scissor lift table
  • Mobile elevated work platform (MEWP)
  • Aerial work platform (AWP)
  • Elevated work platform (EWP)

In reality, they are all the same thing. Scissor lifts use a mechanism that is usually powered manually or through electric.

Scissor lifts are a type of platform and can usually only move vertically unless being towed by another vehicle. The recognisable criss-cross mechanism, usually made of steel, is used to allow workers to reach places that are too far off the ground. Scissor lifts are generally speaking, better than ladders. This is because the flat platform that you stand on is far safer and more secure than a ladder that could topple over and injure someone.

scissor lift platform

What are Scissor Lift Platforms Used for?

Some of the main uses for scissor lifts include;

  • Building maintenance or construction
  • Delivery
  • Overhead signs
  • Rail
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing

Site Assessment

Before using any sort of scissor lift platforms it is important to assess the area of use, this is due to health and safety reasons. Even though scissor lifts are generally safer than other apparatuses such as ladders, it still comes with risk, as like any machinery. Ask yourself the following questions before work begins;

  1. Environment – will the lift operate indoors or outdoors?
  2. Emissions – what is the tolerance for emissions in the work area?
  3. Terrain – what will the surface of the ground be like where the lift will operate?
  4. Work Heights – What are the minimum and maximum work heights required for the job?
  5. Temperature – is the environment temperature be controlled? Is weather a factor?
  6. Use Frequency – How often will it be in use? Constantly or occasionally?
  7. Load Weight – how heavy will the load be that it lifts?
  8. Clearance – how clear is the aisles or other workspaces where the scissor lift will operate?
  9. Travel Distance – How far/how long will it need to travel per day?
  10. Essential Function – is the main use to reach, carry a load or equal parts both?

It’s advised to talk to a professional before buying or renting scissor lift platforms. By answering these questions, they will be able to help you find a device to best suit your needs.

How to Hire a Scissor Lift

If you in need of any scissor lift platforms, then always go to a professional first! A scissor lift is a piece of machinery and will require health and safety measures to be enforced. You must also ensure that the scissor lift is right for the job. If you do not follow the correct procedures chances are you could get in trouble or worse, someone could get hurt.

Scissor lifts are great to use when proper procedures are undertaken. They can even save your company money as tasks which would have normally taken a long time to complete can be done much quicker.