Not everyone is able to afford a classic commuter car but if you have the budget, a classic car may be a great option for daily driving. While you should consider reliability, affordability, and In-Car Entertainment before making the purchase, the benefits of owning a classic car can outweigh the drawbacks. Listed below are the pros and cons of owning a classic car. You can find the perfect classic car for you!


Commuter cars are an important part of any city’s infrastructure. While the current car industry has made it easier to buy a new car than ever before, classic commuter cars are still a good choice for the average person. While they may not be as stylish as the latest models, these cars are reliable and inexpensive, making them the perfect everyday transportation. Here are five reliable classic cars to choose from. These cars were originally designed to be cheap and reliable, and they are still surprisingly reliable.

Volvo P1800

These sports coupes have been known to last much longer than modern vehicles. In fact, Volvo’s P1800 was once driven by Irv Gordon for almost three million miles. That is still the record for the highest mileage vehicle. It is now a great daily driver and a great option for commuters who don’t want to spend a fortune on a maintenance contract. The classic car will give you many years of dependable use.

volvo p1800


If you’re wondering if classic commuter cars are affordable, consider these factors: a low mileage vehicle, repairability, and occasional use. Many classic buyers aim for the lowest mileage example they can find. Those with excessively low mileage are problematic, as repairing a classic car is not always possible. In addition, many classic commuter cars have high annual mileage, which can be a problem for the owner.

Tax exemption

If you’ve got a classic car, you should not be paying road tax on it. They are classic cars – meaning that they have already passed the 40 year threshold. This exemption can save you money on insurance, MOT and tax. What’s more, the tax exemption is rolling, so it’s a great time to get a classic car. The tax exemption is applicable to all cars that were built before 1 January 1981.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to pay road tax on a classic car if it’s used for business purposes, but if you use it as a commuter, you can claim the tax exemption. You can also use it as a courtesy car for your business – for example, if you have an auto-body shop, you can use a classic Camaro as a courtesy lift. HMRC will treat it as an asset that depreciates over time, and you can sell it for a profit when you sell it. You can also deduct the costs of maintaining the car and caring for it, which are considered business expenses.