More and more people are investing in smart technology within their home today – whether in their existing property or in a brand new build. New, smart technologies are being released year on year with a mission to make your lives at home easier. Technology companies such as Google, Amazon and even Facebook are releasing their own smart technologies especially for the household..the future looks smart! Read on to find out how you can use high speed sensors and smarter technologies to increase the value and easiness of your home.

having a smart home full of technology is important with the help of high speed sensors

One piece of technology that has been released recently by SprintIR is high speed sensors which can measure the CO2 emissions within the home. Technology like this is obviously ideal to keep your home safe and efficient at all times with the device responding to changes in the atmosphere constantly throughout the day. The device is battery operated which means it can be placed anywhere in the home – it’s portable and doesn’t need to be fitted to one particular place. It can even be fitted onto your clothing!Technology like this is only going to become more popular over time as consumers are becoming more concerned with sustainability and how big their carbon footprint actually is.

keep your home connected more than ever with high speed sensors

The Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant have been hugely successful over the last 2 years. With voice recognition technology it can play your favourite music, answer queries…you can even ask them to turn off the lights in your home if you link them up! These devices can also be linked up to the CO2 high speed sensors – you can simply ask Alexa or Google Assistant what your CO2 measures are and how eco friendly your home actually is.

As well as voice recognition technologies, smart phones also have the ability to control the heating, hot water, lighting and electrical appliances within your home via an app. They are becoming more and more clever every year – now you can tell your phone you are watching TV in the downstairs living room and the app will understand to switch off any lights or appliances in the upstairs of your house.

Have you ever had that horrible realisation that after a gorgeous two week break in the sunshine and then a long sleep-deprived flight home you come home only for your house to be icy cold and the hot water tank completely empty? Its not a nice feeling. There are now apps available on your smart phone where you can log in and switch your central heating on or off without being in your house. This means you can come home to a lovely warm, cosy house after such a long time away.

control your heating and high speed sensors through apps

Smart technologies are more desirable than ever  before and technology companies as well as architects are encouraging home owners to invest in these technologies. They add value to your property as well as give you a much easier future.