Triple Glazing Glasgow has not been an easy task for glass and window retailers as well as tradesmen. However slowly the city is being converted to this highly efficient and increasingly popular form of window. Traditionally as many of you will know double glazing has always been the main go-to window for the majority of the UK. However in recent years a new kid has come onto the block – triple glazing.

triple Glazing Glasgow

What Is Triple Glazing Glasgow?

Triple glazing Glasgow has been a council driven project to try and get considerably more properties across Glasgow equipped with triple glazing , especially care homes for the elderly. This is because studies have shown that having poorly insulated windows such as single glazing windows can lead to higher energy bills and more heat being lost from properties. Triple Glazing is a type of window which first began to gain considerable popularity in Nordic countries such as Norway and Sweden. The triple glazing windows consists of three panes of glass as well as a frame treated with thermal lining to ensure best possible heat retention.

triple glazing Glasgow

How Effective Has It Been Overall

Overall The campaign has been very effective with property owners and residents across Glasgow reporting that their heating bills hit been cut considerably and that their properties had been holding heat better. Part of the success from this campaign has been drawn from the fact the city of Glasgow council provided grants to help go towards these windows to ensure that they could be installed at a low cost.

What Is The Future Likely To Hold For Windows In Glasgow?

In the near future there is likely to be a lot of changes in the way the window market is within Glasgow city. Traditionally many properties especially across the west end part of the city have had single glazing windows. Whilst the windows match the old tenement style of the building , the heat retention properties they have are extremely poor. However increasingly property owners are being offered incentives by different organisations to install double or triple glazing windows. So overall therefore it is likely that over a few years time there will be considerably more double or triple glazing windows across Glasgow.

triple Glazing Glasgow

What Other Changes Can Be Made To Improve Glasgow Properties?

As well as changing the windows within properties there are a variety of other changes that can be made. One increasingly popular change that is being made to properties is insulation. Insulation is important as it can help to overall improve the temperature within a property as well as reduce energy bills thanks to efficient heat retention. Insulation is often placed between wall cavities within properties as well as in storage areas which aren’t normally well heated.

Are Triple Glazing Windows A Worthwhile Investment?

Overall triple glazing windows are a worthwhile investment because they offer considerably reduced energy bills , a reduction in noise pollution , better quality light coming through the window and also enhanced heat retention properties. To conclude triple glazing windows are certainly a worthwhile investment for properties looking to improve heat retention and cut energy bills.