There are many different ways through which the property market is changing within the UK overall. One of the of the most significant ways in which the property market has changed is the way buildings are designed overall and the size of the buildings that are currently in demand across most of the UK.

Changing Designs And Layouts

Increasingly across the UK more and more people are choosing to stay in smaller properties such as flats or apartment. This is mainly down to the affordability of this type of accommodation overall. This has led to a slight drop in demand for the expertise of architects as large portions of people are buying or renting flats rather than houses.

As a direct result of this there is increased competition amongst architects across the UK as they are often battling for position to win public contracts in order to design a building. For example the design and building of a student accommodation block can be worth millions of pounds in some cases.

In order to win these elusive contracts architects have to submit their designs and these are then voted on by a panel who are responsible for the construction of the building overall as well as the organisation that will be present at the site.

Changing Market Trends

As well as changing design and layouts , there has also been a significant change in trends in the market and what kind of property is in demand. Many people looking to build or purchase a new home are looking for eco-friendly builds. As a result of this architects are having to do further research and overall reading on how a property can be eco-friendly overall.

This can add a sizeable amount of work to the planning process as architects may have have to factor in things such as heat pumps or solar panels for a property in order for it to be Eco- efficient overall.

Higher Prices , Higher Demand

Across the UK demand for property is rising day by day. However not enough new properties are being built each year and as a result house prices have remained high for many years. This means that younger families looking to purchase their first home may find it a lot more difficult than most people would in order to attain this.

Architects work is also suffering as a result of this as a lack of demand for new housing means architects have less opportunities for work overall. This has contributed to a tougher jobs market for architects in the UK on the whole. As a result increasing numbers of architects are moving abroad to seek work.


Overall to conclude it is clear that the property market within the UK has changed a lot over the past couple of years. As a result of this increasingly architects are finding it harder to find work and are having to travel further afield in order to progress in their careers overall. The property market in the UK is likely to see much more change in the future but it is currently unclear what form that change will take .