Niche edits refer to manual alterations that one performs to content. There are many ways to manually add content to blogs, but it has become a much easier task to utilize software tools for this purpose. These software tools are specifically designed for niche searches and are very effective at targeting specific keywords in your niche. Therefore, niche edits can be very beneficial to SEO efforts.

What Are Niche Edits?

Blackhat edit means manually edit or add content to a web page or blog. Manual niche edits can be performed by contacting relevant websites and requesting either your link or a description to be added to an article. Another way is to submit articles to directories with a link to your website in the author’s resource box. This can be seen as a blackhat if you attempt to submit articles which have been submitted to directories with links pointing to them. If you manually edit your content, then you run the risk of the page being flagged as spam.

There are three main ways that bloggers gain niche edits: via guest blogging, via exchange links and via link backs. Guest blogging is when another website allows you to freely write an article and then syndicate it on their site free of charge. If the article you write is highly informative and relevant to their site, then you will attract lots of visitors from them, who may then click on your link within the resource box to visit your site. However, this form of guest blogging can attract Google penalization, so be careful what links you allow through this method.

Exchange link back is another popular method for gaining niche edits. This is often used for SEO purposes where you trade links with another blog post or even a post on another website within your niche. The idea behind exchange link back is that if you create a blog post and include a link within it to another pertinent website or blog, then you will in effect create a backlink to your own site. This has been used successfully by many high profile websites such as CNN.

How To Dominate Competition In Your Industry By Using Niche Edits?

The last method that I am going to discuss for gaining niche edits is through the use of ‘SAPE’ Networks. SAPE Network is a directory of blogs and websites that fall within the same niches as you, in our case architectural websites. You can search for blogs within your niche and view their listings. Many bloggers in this industry choose to submit their posts to SAPE and then submit their URL to various architectural websites and blogs. You can also add a link to your own website within the resource box of your post, so that readers can be directed to your website to read more about you and your work.

Architecture niche edits


All in all, when you engage a niche edit service to help you achieve more backlinks via article submissions, you are making the effort to increase the number of people who see your work. In the end, this will increase your popularity in the eyes of Google and other search engines. It may also lead to an increase in sales from your own website. The bottom line is that if you do not work towards gaining more backlinks, then your quality ratings suffer. Your Google page rank is affected because your rankings are based on the quality of backlinks that you have provided for your websites. A quality article review service will give you the tools necessary to obtain quality backlinks quickly and effectively.