Heat exchangers are a form of technology which is becoming increasingly more widespread within industry. They can be used for heating as well as cooling functions. In this article we will explore that the impact heat exchangers have had on industry and how architects are having to take them into consideration when working with larger industrial businesses and organisations.

What Are Heat Exchangers?

Heat exchangers are a form of heat transfer system where liquid and air can be used to heat up or cool down. This system is typically found in a wide range of different industries and sectors such as oil rigs , petrochemical plants , nuclear plants , labs , industrial facilities etc the main function of these devices is typically to provide heat.

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Why Are Heat Exchangers Significant For Architects?

There are a number of reasons as to why the presence of heat exchangers are significant for architects who are designing a building or facility. Heat exchangers are complex pieces of equipment which need to be correctly installed in a secure location to ensure that they do not risk a fire risk or overall health hazard. Typically in buildings they are found in a location that is inaccessible to the public.

It is therefore architects carefully liaise with health and safety officers as well as the organisation responsible for the building to ensure that a heat exchanger can be installed in a chosen location with minimal risk.

What Other Issues Do Architects Face?

One of the biggest challenges facing architect in the current market environment is overall lack of work and consistency in the industry. Whilst some architects may find work for a small period of time it is rarely consistent and this can pose a big issue to those who are just breaking into the industry.

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Another key obstacle which many architects face in their line of work is the issue of affordability over design. Often architects face criticism for their designs as it may incur a higher cost than an organisation anticipates. More often than not organisations and individuals prefer affordability over architectural functionality and architects may have to start their designs again from scratch as a result of this.

An additional key challenge facing many architects new and old is adapting to new technology and staying up to date with the latest software for design and architecture overall. One of the best ways in which architects can do this is by watching online tutorials on websites such as you tube as well as attending conferences in order to gather more information about these courses/technology overall and how to complete them.

Overall Conclusions

Overall to conclude architects face a range of different issues which they need to be able to overcome or adapt to in order to excel in their role. One of the key areas in which architects should focus on is technology as this is leading the way for innovations and changes within the industry. Keeping up to date with blogs as well as video sharing websites sharing information about the industry is important in order to have a decent understanding of it overall.

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