Wet rot wood treatment is an important part of home maintenance and neglect of this can lead to serious deficiencies within the property. Through this article I will introduce the methods used in the treatment of wet rot as well as additional home improvement and maintenance techniques that can be used.

Wet Rot Wood Treatment

How To Tackle Wet Rot Wood Treatment

Wet Rot Wood Treatment

In order to tackle wet rot it is important to conduct the correct treatment. This can be conducted through a variety of different methods.

  • Damp proof your property to help prevent wet rot
  • Identify the source of the wet rot.
  • Remove the timber that is effected

Other Forms Of Preventive Maintenance

As well as wet rot wood treatment there are a number of different other forms of preventive maintenance that can be undertaken.

  • Insulating walls and attics can help to prevent buildup of wet or dry rot. As long as property is insulated it is significantly less likely to suffer from condensation.
  • Another form of preventive maintenance that can be undertaken is draught proofing. Draught proofing can be used to help retain heat within a property. This in turn can assist with preventing condensation and damp build up.
  • Identifying leaks is essential for any property in order to ensure that further damage or mould build up is prevented. Leaks within a bathroom or any other room of a property can leave to structural damage.
  • Purchasing an air dehumidifier is an additional form of effective maintenance. Air dehumidifiers can purify the air and prevent build up of mould and condensation within a property.
  • Ensure your property is well ventilated. Make sure windows are opened occasionally and that there are sources of fresh air into a property such as filters.
Wet Rot Wood Treatment

Home Improvements

In addition to preventative maintenance there is also small home improvements that can be made that can have a big impact on a property.

  • Replacing or upgrading the windows in a property can help to reduce heat loss and improve overall energy efficiency. Typically double glazing is the most cost effective way to implement this. Triple glazing is also suitable for colder areas.
  • Changing the property boiler and replacing it for a more energy efficient one can help to improve overall heat within the property and reduce energy bills.
  • Installing solar panels can help to improve energy efficiency and may prove a beneficial long term investment as power can be provided through the solar panels.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing is one of the most important factors to consider in order to prevent wet rot becoming widespread in a property. There are a number of different advantages to basement waterproofing –

  • Waterproofing a basement provides a stronger overall foundation for a property meaning that it is less likely to collapse. It can also assist in preventing the need for wet rot wood treatment.
  • Waterproofing your basement could also help to prevent health conditions. Conditions such as asthma or breathing difficulties can come as a result of toxic mould build up.